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Our goal is to make you feel like family is taking care of you.
Expert in designing thoughtful, meaningful, and fun events.

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Let us become part of your family

                    - Lauren your Party Planning Sister

Hello my Lovelies, I am so happy to see you here. If you don't mind I want to tell you about me and my loving company. 

My name is Lauren Sebaske and before I became the owner of Your Joyous Event I was doing so many odd jobs to find my passion (which is designing beautiful events). Growing up in a Filipino and American family has translated into having a lot of parties for any kind of celebration. This resulted me into loving decorating and planning parties and get togethers will all of my friends and family.

But when it can to adulting I had to find some thing that filled my passion for design and my pockets. Well I chose to become an engineer and interior designer, which filled that desire to design for the time being. As time has continued I continued for 5 years designing, planning, and coordinate weddings and parties for all the loved ones in my life.

After doing this for quite sometime I knew that the love, kindness, and my skills could help so many other people have the event of their dreams. So my company not only plans and excites your wedding, but we will build and design custom pieces thanks to our background in engineering, interior design, and construction.

I look forward to seeing your lovely faces react to your wedding or the beautiful custom pieces I make for you. Whether it is from me planning, coordination, or building your event my ultimate goal is to make sure you are taken care of and feel loved.

Love you all very much. For your Party Planning Sister Lauren

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